Cars & Coffee // June 06th 2015

I nearly did not make it to this Cars & Coffee. I have posted the story and the included video on here already so I’ll go ahead and leave the link to that oppo right here in case you missed it:…

With that out of the way I got lucky parking. I was where I parked last time, and it was completely packed. Luck would have it that a lady just backed out of a parking lot allowing me access to the spot. After I parked numerous cars drove past by behind me, knowing they had just missed out on what has to be the equivalent of gold at 8:30am. Or bronze really, gold would be a parking spot right next to the C&C lot. I never make that, because I am lazy. I pay my penance in the ¼ mile walk, and the parking troubles…


When I arrived at the grounds there were a lot of spectators. But one thing surprised me, the amount of cars present. There were less than usual at the same time. I blame the weather, it got hot quick and this officially marked the first Cars & Coffee of the year in the 90’s. I fear for July and August.

The temperature brought its own set of challenges besides a sweaty forehead. My new camera... It seems prone to overheating if I film a lot, and it has caused me to miss some pretty nice cars. I now open up just about every door on the camera to get air to circulate, and take the battery out whenever I can. The many reboots caused the battery to deplete faster, so I think a secondary battery is in my future.

As you could see there were still plenty of cars out there to see. I will make a conscious attempt to make it to Cars and Coffee a bit earlier in July, and I will order the second battery in the coming weeks. The cover car was gorgeous. But that 1969 vette that was idling away was nearly on the cover just because of that wonderful engine note.


Which was your favorite?

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