Find: Avengers Acura MDX

The S.H.I.E.L.D. MDX: the car for parents who want to look like super heroes as they take their kids to school, and who really want to show the curb at their local Starbucks who’s boss.

I first stumbled across this Acura when I was casually browsing the used market in my area for other MDXs, and it definitely stood out. I think it looks properly badass in comparison to the other plebeian MDXs for sale. But, since I am uncultured and have not seen anything related to The Avengers, I thought these modifications were nothing more than some goodies added by the previous owner.


Further research showed that this was not the case. The modifications were actually done by Cinema Vehicle Services, as I discovered thanks to this article by TFL Car. They painted the car matte black, blacked out all of the chrome, including the beak, bolted on fender flares originally meant for a Ford truck, and also added a brush guard and roof lights. Now, the legality of the roof lights seems questionable, but it might be allowed because the lights are yellow.

Perhaps the coolest modification is the 2.5-inch lift, new wheels, and off road tires. Of course, this probably means that the car drives terribly, as demonstrated by the Defiance Dodge Charger that Mr. Regular reviewed.

But, luckily for the cast and the potential buyer, the interior appears to be identical to the regular MDXs. This particular model is even the fully loaded Advance model, which means you get cool features like heated and cooled front seats, heated back seats, as well as adaptive cruise control and emergency braking, if the sensors can see past the brush guard.


Now, the biggest question with this particular MDX isn’t what the usual midsize crossover shoppers ask like, “How easy is it to get into the third row?” or “What gas mileage does this get?” It is, “Was this car really a movie star?” Simply looking at its CarFax seems to support its case.


This MDX was initially purchased from AutoNation Acura in Torrance, California, right in Los Angeles county. It was registered on April 7th, 2011 as a corporate fleet vehicle. It lived its life in Southern California until it was auctioned off in October of 2013 with an insane 234 miles. 234 miles in two years, and when it was auctioned, it was listed as a manufacturer vehicle. Everything is looking good so far.


However, the most important piece of evidence is found outside of the CarFax. Interestingly, it’s found in the other images of the vehicle. It’s this picture of Samuel L. Jackson standing next to the MDX, and yes, the serial number on the side of the car matches.


Of course, this whole car could be a replica, but the evidence definitely stacks up in its favor. And even if it is a fraud, you can still buy the most badass, extremely low mileage MDX, and crawl over the snow banks in the school parking lot while impressing the other parents with stories of Samuel L. Jackson.

Image credits to Lux Cars Chicago and Acura Connected. The link to the dealers website with this car’s listing can be found here.

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