Usually around this time my Cars and Coffee Dallas video makes the rounds. Not so this time as rain screwed us all! But someone who followed me on Instagram mentioned Cars and Comets as a backup. The rain let up after the morning so it was completely dry by night (typical) so I figured... lets check it out!

It was a long time ago that I found myself at a smaller evening meet, and it was really refreshing to be back in that atmosphere. As much as I like cars and coffee these smaller meets really strike a cord with me. All the people attending are super awesome, always up for a chat and they all keep it real.

This is actually held on a school campus(UTD). They take a picture of the licence plate on each car that attends the meets to keep everyone on their best behavior. No one will be spinning out of control leaving this meet. No obnoxious revs either, just car people and their cars.

Personal favorite had to be the RX7, man I love those FD’s, they are timeless! What did you think?


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