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Cars Communicating: Do we really want them talking to each other?

We can only imagine the inter-car dialog going on at silicon-brain speeds:

Jaguar XJ, arriving at intersection: "I say, old boy, would it be too much to ask for you to kindly apply your binders so as to preclude the inopportune rearrangement of our bonnets?"


Mercedes S-Class, arriving at same intersection: "You vill obserff zat I haff ze right of vay. No, I vill not halt. Zat iss for you to do."

Jaguar XJ: "Ah, I see. This is ... most unpleasant. Your position on this matter is most regrettable. I must insist, however, that I am in the right and that it falls to you, sir, to avoid what is sure to be an incident that would be viewed with ill-will on all sides."


Mercedes S-Class: "Furzer discussions are wizzout merit. You vill move out of my vay. As you see, ozzers haff been far more ... accommodating."

Citroen C6, pulled over on verge: "What? What izz eet you sink I could do?"

Jaguar XJ: "Most disappointing, most disappointing. Very well. There must be something we can do. Will you promise to not to cut anyone else off?"


Mercedes S-Class: "I vill."

Jaguar XJ: "Capital! There is peace in our time!"

Mercedes S-Class: [cuts off Skoda]

Jaguar XJ: "Oh dear."

Mercedes S-Class: "Now you will allow me to pass."

Jaguar XJ: "Ah, this is jolly well cocked up, but I say, I cannot allow you to proceed when I have the right of way, even at the cost of my flawless paint."


Mercedes S-Class: "Very vell..."

Jaguar XJ: [braces for impact]

Camaro: "Ay, what da fuck is all dis? You, krautwagen, getouddaheah."

Mercedes S-Class: [slams on brakes, comes to shuddering stop]

Jaguar XJ: [Continues on, slowly, until radiator hose blows]

Camaro: [pulls burnout, swerves off road, sideswipes tree]

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