Cars & GTR's // September 2nd 2017

The weather was really nice, but it was a bit more muted than it would have been. This was undoubtedly because of the Hurricane related gas shortage (aka: media fueled gas hoarding frenzy). All I am saying is that I am glad all my cars and even my bike drink 87 octane! No problems filling them up when they ran empty.

I came fashionably late this time, arriving past 8am, but as per usual there was plenty to see. The DeLorean made an appearance again and I had to stop myself from featuring it as the thumbnail again. I think I made a good second choice in the form of a green MKIV Supra


My favorite was still the DeLorean though. Supra’s are a close second. The red one featured in the video was actually owned by an older gentleman! Nice single turbo setup with a moderate 450whp. Also, much R35 this time!

And a honorable mention goes to the Thunderbird SC, what a clean car that was! I’d 100% rock it!


Of the pull outs I got to give it to the Supercharged 1970 Chevelle. That thing was mean and lay down the rubber road right to freedom!

Which one was your favorite this month?

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