1. 1966 chevelle 4 door, 6 in a row, 2 speed.

2. 2008 Honda fit (for sale, manual, silly rims)

3. 2010 Ford Escape limited hybrid (electro-bronco)

4. 1973 mach 1, q-code, more than one spoiler, factory slot mags, 351 cj-c6, yellow.

5. 1973 mach one h-code, orange glow metallic. not actually a car anymore, but it has a vin and I still have about 75% of it.

6. 2008 chev hhr panel van, white, slushbox, kind of a turdly automobile, but it does it’s job.

#AA. 1985 Toyota Shorty pickup with no options, stepside, baby moons not ranked with the others because it’s in a league of it’s own