hear me out. I don’t hate this [v12] GT because of how it looks, or because of excess. I hate this car because its full of broken promises and lies.

Its a V12 wrapped up by a sexy body and they sold well so they are easy to find used. Searching through those used car books you could get at gas stations as a teen, even 20 years ago, they were tantalizingly withing my financial grasp. That’s the rub. Why? Cause they were crap. drove like crap, ran like crap, wore like crap. They were priced what they were worth and there were promises being made by that exotic sounding engine in the ad and the fabulous body that looked great even rendered in poor DPI black ink on gray paper.

I don’t hate this car because of what it was, I hate it because it made me feels things before I knew better.

People better than I have made this craigslist special work for them. My hat’s off to them.