Is it too easy to pick on Cerberus era Chrysler? I don’t think so.

I think what really bugs me about this is the first generation was genuinely a pretty great little truck for its day. It was smartly styled and had V8 power.

The 2nd generation was pretty great looking and pretty well made, though it was pretty dreary inside...nothing to compare with this generation.


This feels as if it was made by a lack of cares made corporeal and organized into a committee to discuss ways to make it cheaper.

But I guess that’s Cerberus Capitol to a T isn’t it.

It still came with a V8 that wasn’t too bad, though not too great either producing at best 260 hp from 4.7 liters...though it was offered with a stick for the V8 and the massively terrible and underwhelming 3.7L V6. 


The sales numbers tell the story here: Typically when a new model is launched there is a large uptick in sales, even if the new model isn’t very good on account of it simply being new and fresh and in publications.

When the 3rd and final Dakota went on sale it sold less than its previous model, and never went anywhere but down.


Chrysler pulled the plug on the Dakota name citing “lack of interest” and yeah, I guess that’s one way to put it...

p.s. I know you think the Mitsubishi raider is worse but it didn’t look worse, and it was actually a little nicer inside AND it had a better warranty when new so...yeah.