This one gets saved for last, because its not just this one turd I hate. Its all of them.

The N body produced some of the least likable cars of my memory.

Malibu classic - nothing classic about this bu carried over as the “classic” when the Malibu moved to the epsilon platform JUST to serve rental fleets. I drove one of these for a few years off and on and truthfully even though it was a step up, I preferred the smaller corollas and proteges in the fleet instead. This just felt like giving up on wheels and even new it felt old underneath.

Grand Am - The official car of the rural high school punk who liked to talk smack about how fast his ram air supercharged Grand Am was, “so fast it could beat a mustang so easy man!”


Skylark - Yeesh


Oldsmobile Achiva - wasn’t

And it goes on. Honestly I can’t say they didn’t do their jobs, but cars like these set the bar for American cars and it wasn’t high. Frankly more than anything this one is a tiny bit irrational. I know the 3400 was a good motor and I know they weren’t the biggest heaps on the road. And yet...I just can’t stand these. everytime I see one is like remembering that REALLY awkward moment on that date when you were a know, the one you want to forget but it hangs in there? That one. Its in the past, It can’t hurt me why wont it go away.


Thanks for sticking this week out with me. Next week will be a little easier, since I no longer have to think of cars I hate.