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Cars I Don't Hate. Vol. 4

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Its not really pretty, its not really fast, its not that exciting and its replacement is a better car in every way...but...I actually enjoyed driving it.


This car was a HUGE investment and gamble for GM which, kinda, didn’t pay off. That being said when you got in it you could FEEL the effort put into this car, it felt so much better put together than any other GM I’d ever been in. There was a lot riding on this car at the time and you can feel the details being sweat.

I drove really nice, it rode really nice and handled okay. The guy I know who let me drive his has 80,000 miles on it and it still looks and drives new.


Sure it only has 4 seats and those seats aren’t really roomy, and sure its not like its the enthusiasts choice, and frankly its pretty ugly...but he got it for a song, uses about a gallon a month in gas and he’s driving what could be GM’s best built car ever, at least as far as I could see. Who knows what the future of the battery pack will be but so long as it makes it to, say 150,000 miles, I would say this is a decent sedan for commuting and a car I don’t hate.

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