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Cars I Don't Hate. Vol. 5

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Lets be clear - Its ugly and its going to fall apart. Getting that out of the way I like just about everything else about this thing.

  • It tows above its class (3500 lbs).
  • It goes off-road WELL above its class
  • The 3.2 is strong even at high elevations and it sounds pretty good as well*.
  • The 8 inch uConnect is the best of the fully integrated systems I’ve used.
  • They handle well too.

They are catastrophically ugly though, they are difficult to modify, they have had nothing but trouble getting the transmission to work right and they are very likely to self destruct past 80k miles.


That being said, I can get past the looks and frankly I totally would considering buying one...but I can’t get past the build quality.

If FCA could get around to sorting out its reliability issues and style these closer to the new compass in the next generation I could even move from “don’t hate” to “like”.


*That being said, there is no reason for the 3.2 to exist as far as I can see. its physically the same dimension and weight as the 3.6 and the ZF9PH48 can handle the torque of the 3.6 just fine. Why? its not like its going to be that much more fuel efficient.

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