It sure is divisive for looks, and I think people either get that its supposed to be ugly or they don’t.

I personally get it. I like that its ugly, its not UGLY ugly like a Nissan Versa, or a Nissan NV or a Nissan...most of their cars...its more a personal taste thing.

They are hideously slow though, and noisy and frankly don’t return the kind of mileage you would hope for with the aforementioned tradeoffs.

I like the floating glass and the asymmetry, I like that its a big middle finger to data centric design ethos or some such cobbling together of jargon. I like that someone just thought it would be fun to do it that way.

Its pretty practical for its size too, which I also like.

The interior is likewise an acquired taste and thats the part I would have to live with every day. After all, only other people see the car your driving from the outside...and who cares what they think? The interior though, thats all yours to cherish.


I wish this got the e4wd for extra weirdness and versatility but it would have hurt the already razor thin business case for buying one.

I still kinda smile when I see these on the road...which is less and less.