In its base form its a terrible car, from a terrible era of GM to pander to a terrible trend in retro.

Its also by far the coolest SS to come from that era. Yeah, the Cobalt SS is great, and the Camaro SS was...a Camaro. This thing though.


  • Panel van
  • 260 hp turbo engine - easily tuned to more.
  • 5 Speed manual transmission
  • Limited slip diff
  • decent chassis setup

I guess the non-panel van version is pretty great too, and much more likely to be found used these days, but you have to admit that GM accidentally hit one out of the park with this lazy cash in on the retrowave.

The interiors are still pretty much crap though, so you’ll have to deal with that.

On a scale of hate to love, I think the HHR SS Panel van is closer to love...but its still an HHR so it puts it firmly in the “Don’t Hate” category on account of needing to explain to EVERYBODY what makes it cool.