I have insomnia, and am up listening to the rain and Toby snoring. This may be a long post. Sorry about that.

My first car was a Sparlingco Celica conversion (1981 Celica ST). Even more rare than a Sunchaser, my fruitless search for one led me to buy my Sunchaser as a substitute. I totaled it the day of my senior prom, my greatest automotive sin.

My punishment for killing my beautiful Toyota was the worst car I have ever owned.

1979 Oldsmobile Cutlass Salon. I hated that car, and even now can feel the bitter rage build as I look at this stupid picture. It was designed with windows in the back seat that did not roll down, which was awesome in LA. Fuck that car. I will pour one out for Pontiac, but Oldsmobile can burn in hell.


I must have completed my penance, because my next car was a 1987 Acura Integra LS with a smooth shifiting 5 speed.

Mine looked just like this. I loved that car, and it was probably overall the best car I have ever owned. I had it for about 9 years, and it handled everything I threw at it. Road trips between home in LA and college in Colorado Springs? No problem. College road trips including Rocky Mountain ski trips and camping in the desert? Bring that shit on. LA to Vermont for 2 years of frozen misery (Sorry New England Oppos) and back again? No fucking worries. It still ran when I donated it to charity, but it looked like something out of Mad Max. When I visited my parents, the neighbors complained about the eyesore parked on the curb. It was awesome.


Next I picked up a 1989 Acura Legend.

Mine was blue. It was a nice car, but not a fun car. It was a automatic, and a lot of small things kept breaking, so I did not have it long, only a couple of years. I was living in Oakland and did not drive much.


Then a really clean black 1996 Nissan Maxima.

Mine looked a lot like this. It was cool as hell, but I had moved to Fresno and the black leather interior was an oven in summer. It was totaled when a guy turned left in front of me when I was going 40 mph and both airbags deployed.


I had a shitty insurance payoff from the guy at fault, and a baby on the way, so I went practical with a 2002 Ford Taurus.

Honestly, I have fond memories of this car. It was bland and unremarkable, but it was solid, reliable, and did everything it was designed to do well. I also did not care when my kids barfed all over the inside when they were babies. Who can forget this sweet interior?


That car did what it was supposed to do. It never told me it was going to be fun. When you fly coach, you can’t expect first class amenities. It was a good car.

Then I bought my first brand new car, a 2004 Mazda6 that looked like this:


It was a really nice car, but it was a 4 cylinder automatic, so I got bored before too long. I was starting to make a little more money, and when I started looking into trading up, the dealer offered me a low mile repo recovery at a price I could not refuse.

This is the closest image I found on line. It was fully loaded with the rotary accents on the body and the gt body kit. It had an amazing 6 speed manual, and was the best driving car I have experienced. But engine troubles caught up with it, and cost of ownership became unpleasant. We must never speak of rotary engines again. I still see white smoke in my nightmares.


Next was a 2012 Infiniti G37s coupe.

I liked it a lot, but I wanted a little more comfort for work travel, and more back seat room for my kids


So now I have a 2015 Infiniti Q70L, the Sunchaser, and the Vespa.

Thanks for enduring this marathon post.