1) 2005 Lotus Elise (Laser Blue)

If I cornered hard and hit a bump, sometimes the turn signal would fall out. The A/C was great for ... 8 minutes. But, you could place this car on the wall and it would stay there. The steering was amazing, and every fill up was a 10 minute exercise due to interactions with John Q. Most common question, “What car is that” (Lotus Elise) followed by, “Who makes Lotus” (Lotus - you should have seen their head spin)

2) 2017 VW GTI w/PP (Tornado Red)

The second GTI I’ve owned (manual this time). The two door was actually easier with the kid but man, oh man is there a difference between the MK7 and MK6. Sadly, VW no longer makes the 2 door and you can’t get the tartan cloth any longer with a sunroof. That said, blast to drive. Most common question, “Why’d you get another one” (I was looking between a Mustang and A5 when the wife suggested since I liked the GTI so much, why not get another one of those - just with a stick this time)


3) 2009 RX-8 R3 (Black)

Like a station wagon version of the Elise. The only downfall was 232hp, little torque, and only 18mpg to show for it. I did get to say Wankel in polite conversation, though. Most common question, “Is that like a V6?” (Sigh.)


4) 2013 VW GTI (Carbon Steel Metallic)

Great car, great MPG, great transmission. It wasn’t a manual, and so I had to put it out to pasture. Most common question, “Has it broken down yet?”(No!)


5) 1970 Mercedes 220D (Dark Green)

I bought this car to replace a Corolla. This car set me on the path of never owning another boring car. 4 speed and a 0-60 of over a minute. Loved this thing. Most common question, “What year is that”(1970) and “Is that a diesel?” (Yes)


6) 1991 Jeep Wrangler (Black)

Really in all respects an awful car. 4 cyl. that I had to replace at 80k miles, top speed depended on where the wind was coming from, 14 mpg, so much noise at highway speeds, broke down constantly. But, it was my first car, I spent the summers with no doors or roof regardless of the weather and have a ton of good memories associated with it. Most common question, “You ever go off road?” (Yes)


7) 2002 Ford Excursion (Mineral Metallic)

Still have this one. V10, awesome at roadtrips. Should realistically be above the Jeep, except for nostalgia. Most common question, “What kind of mileage you get?” (12 MPGs)


8) 2002 Toyota Corolla. (Does it matter what color? - black)

Mom Jeans. Sandals with socks. Olive Garden. Luke warm noodles. The automotive equivalent of reading the yellow - no, white - pages. 27 mpg average with a 3 speed automatic. Burnt a quart of oil every thousand miles. It was just a car, but one that killed me a bit every day. Most common question, “”. (No one cared.)