Cars I Have Owned [ranked]

Here is my whole list of cars I have owned from 16 to 25 (current 12/18)

1. [Worst] 1979 Porsche 928

I hate this pile of junk I can’t even sell for $1000

looks better in pictures

2. 1984 BMW 318i

I bought it for $425, spent about a grand fixing it up, blew the head gasket, sold it for $550

not the actual car

3. 1985 Chevrolet Suburban Diesel [tailgate]

It was crap, had no power, but had great tires and a bumpin sound system. It was stolen out of my school parking lot and impounded 2 hours later 40 miles away.... How?! Anyway all they took were my off road tires. They even put shity tires on my original wheels and left it in a parking lot.

Not it, but SOOOO similar

4. 1985 GMC Suburban 454 [barndoor]

Had a 454 and was awesome except the barn doors I never liked. whether I tried to hyper mile or drove with a heavy foot I got 10mpg... So I always drove with a heavy foot. And my good was the paint perfect. Sold it to a Swedish guy visiting the US long term and wanted to drive an “American V8"

Not pictured, but similar

5. 1969 Austin Healey Sprite MKIV

Bought her as my hs senior project. Never have driven her and almost 7 years later she is just sitting in pieces in my storage unit. I wish I had the space, time, and money to put her together. Dream would be to instal a S2000 drivetrain in her.

That is her Name: Wanda

6. 1987 Pontiac Fiero GT

My gosh I love this little car. Started my love affair for Pontiac and made me enjoy mid engines. I wish I could have afforded to keep her running, but age was catching up and I just couldn’t any more.

That is my Donna

7. 1987 Jeep Wrangler 4cly/5spd [first car]

I hate every single day I think about having sold my Jeep. Not only was it my first car, I absolutely loved her! I wish I could find the info for the guy I sold her to. Too many good memories, but I needed something with better gas milage, hence the Fiero...

My favorite Jeep Color with matching vinyl interior
Covered in mud at Hollister Hills.

My favorite setup for the Jeep; Tonneau cover, rear cover, and no doors. If there wasn’t mud, then the doors would have been off. That is how she drove around 95% of the time. Even in the rain.

8. [best] 2006 Pontiac GTO [06,6.0,6spd Named: Lilith]

Best car by far even if when she breaks it is expensive, but 100% worth it. She will be the car I probably never sell


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