I just killed an hour looking at Euro car sites and a few cars jumped out at me that we don’t get here or are fairly rare in the states that seem to be decently common in Europe and quite affordable:

- W124 Coupe with a stick. Legendary reliability, good looks, and nice interiors.

- 320i E36 wagons. They are going to be importable soon and the engine has a bit more oomph than the base E30 wagons while being a lot cheaper. This thing has reasonable mileage and they are asking 1000 euros:


- Alfa Romeo Alfetta; just nifty looking cars that I almost never see for sale in the states.

- Impreza GT. We never got the WRX it similar turbo Imprezas but Europe did.

- Audi Coupe Quattro- I think the S2s are pretty unobtainable at this point but their little siblings which are rare over here look pretty common across the pond.


I think if I were actually going to bother with shipping something over I’d have to make it a non-US car like the E36 Touring. But maybe I could do a container that fits two and sneak a Coupe Quattro in.