Cars In My Automotive Class...

So I’m taking an automotive class, and today was the first day we could bring in our own cars. There were some pretty nice cars: a very tastefully modified FR-S (manual), new Impreza Sport (CVT), 99 Corolla - MANUAL, an 06 Civic, and..... last, but certainly not least, a riced out 04-06ish Mazda 3 hatch.....

This thing had a race wing ON TOP of the spoiler that came with the car, red “custom” stripes on every body panel, some sort of exhaust attachment that sticks wayyy out, bumper canards, and it even had a stick-on hood scoop, but it was put on BACKWARDS. (AS in, the “air intake” was facing the windshield).


Owner of the car also liked to vape during class..

What an interesting day that was.

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