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My mother lives in the adorable little Cental Coast beach town of Cayucos, CA. We will be heading over Saturday, and staying through the 4th. This town is a big party on the 4th, and they have a parade where the floats need a designated driver.

My son’s Subie will be joining us on this trip, supplanting the original idea of my son driving the Sunchaser in the parade with my mom in the passenger seat. Oh, well.


The exciting part is that Oppo CaptDale lives nearby, and he can weild the power of the employee discount to replace the head gasket and timing belt. (Thank you!) Neither appears to be a problem at the moment (no oil leaks), but I am having them done because Subaru of unknown provenance.

The Sunchaser will be washed and covered for the week, but that does not mean we travel without any fun at all.

When we bought my wife’s QX60, I made the dealer install the OEM hitch kit, something you NEVER see on these cars, which have shit for towing capacity. (Crossovers are not trucks, people). I even got her the Infiniti logo hitch cover, which my son thinks is cool.


I have a hitch mounted platform that is more than adequate for my 238 pound little wasp. We brought the Vespa last year, and it was perfect for zipping around a little town clogged with tourists and no parking.

So yes, when I go on vacation I take my toys with me. Wouldn’t you?

Toby is going too.

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