Not technically mine, but what I drove in highschool:

2000 Buick LeSabre Limited (220k miles)


Next car, bought for $500 with 300k miles. 1998 Honda Civic LX Canadian market model


Ran on 3 cylinders and the trans was junk, so i bought another one for $300

The best parts from each and I ended up with this. Completely stock save for the short shifter, speakers, and some lowering springs.


I traded that Civic plus $1k for this with 160k miles.


After sliding the damn thing into a pole I bought the next car on this list while slapping a turbo on the NA using about $500 worth of junkyard rubbish. Autox high-rate springs, “custom” interior, all came along for the ride as well.

Then I got bored and bought a 2005 Mustang V6 Auto Convertible with 120k miles for about $4700


Which promptly became an unreliable piece of shit because Ford can’t screw together a car to save their lives so I sold it for $5000 and bought this 1997 Buick Riviera naturally aspirated for $600.

I painted it what was supposed to be BRG but ended up... this. And the temperature and mix was all wrong so it ran and orange peeled and was genuinely horrible. Replaced the coolant elbows, belt tensioner, rear shocks, sway bar end links, tires, and bandaged the transmission as best I could. Sold it for $900


This thing happened at some point.

Then I bought my ‘02 Miata with 120k miles on it for $4700 and it is my current daily.

Whup de do.