Just some cars I've photographed while riding around on my bicycle.

Sorry for the quality, my phone is a little old.

First I saw this VW 411 (I think). I had never seen one of these before, certainly not any that I can't remember of.

It certainly wasn't looking pristine, quite the contrary. It was showing a lot of wear, the hood was all dented and held by those metal straps.

Then I saw, what I think is a '66 Chevelle.


It may not be uncommon in the USA but I doubt that there are more than 10 in average/good condition in Uruguay. This one had some minor dents and the chrome wasn't shiny, but nothing more.

I also saw a Mercedes-Benz 220 D Long Wheelbase.


This picture isn't mine (obviously), the one I saw was a little rusty, paint fading but running well, it wasn't making weird noises. I hope someone cares enough for restoring it. That's one classy car.

The next one was in another city, PaysandĂş, while visiting my girlfriend's family.

"We heard you like to carry stuff, so we put a Sprinter's ass on you Sprinter so you can haul ass while you haul ass..." And all that.


I guess it's for luggage, I was impressed by its quality, working lights and everything.