It’s, like, a lot. I don’t even remember. Most of them don’t matter, and the ones that do I can’t buy back so forget about it. All I want now is to get rid of everything but the two projects and buy another Toyota pickup, that I never have to work on or worry about.

Oh, and this. I want this. I would trade every car I’ve ever owned for this particular 911 and I would keep it forever, because I’ve known it for 20 years and it’s like an old friend. It’s almost as old as I am, not perfect, has 225k miles, and it’s still my favorite. But you know what? I would also trade every car I’ve ever owned to keep this car in its owner’s caring hands and him in good health, which he’s not. Puts that in perspective. Most really honest old cars have good people attached to them, and they’re more important than the cars are.