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Cars made me happy

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Tonight I came home in a crap mood. Slept badly, crappy day at the office, kids and wife in a bad mood. I needed to go out and see if I could diagnose something on the cruiser but felt like sleeping instead. Decided not to be lazy and went and borrowed some jack stands from a car guy neighbor of mine. Said “call me if you need help”. I did about an hour later. He came over and we found the source of the noise then talked car stuffs for about an hour. Also my sweet 80 year old widow neighbor came over with her accord and offered to stay in her car with her lights on so I had more work light. I told her I was fine which I felt kinda bad for because I think she didn’t want to go home. She literally would have rather stayed in the street idling her car with her lights on my truck than go home. Bad deal, her husband was a solid dude, was there at bikini atoll, great stories and super friendly. We talked for a little but it was late and I had work to do. its 11 here and im in a much better mood. I mean I found out my rear diff is making noise so that sucks, but still.


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