I want to go, but I have to get up early to make it. The drive is about an hour through the country, which should be lovely at dawn. I have the homecoming football game for my younger son who is in the marching band tonight, and this will be our first chance to see him in full uniform. And I have to find time to clean up the ‘chaser. Why am I wanting to drive an hour for C&C? I have no idea.

By the way, my mechanic said the Sunchaser is running perfectly, and they could find nothing wrong. He said, “Did you listen? It sounds good. No squeal or smoke. Nothing. Bring it back when it breaks.” He is a master of the obvious. 


He said the rear brake drums and shoes are just about fucked. He has parts coming up from Azusa, which is exactly where I would expect them to come from. I should probably have them converted to discs.

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