Cars nobody here has driven (except me), cont'd *

* y compris le brave Flavien

Vauxhall Viva HB

Equipped with 1159cc (or as the manual quaintly put it, 70.7 cubic inches) of four cylinder power and in this case a BW 35 automatic box. In an unusually frank assessment a British magazine, according to Wiki, described it thus equipped as“among the slowest cars on the road”.


They were right. The box absorbed about half of the power. Automatic cars remain a small minority on my side of the pond to this day. Other notable points were single circuit brakes which could fail totally (and did one day to my mother’s alarm) and an ignition system which objected strongly to wet weather and so WD40 had to be sprayed on everything with wires on it. That and rust. The floor eventually gave way.

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