If you're going to deliver sandwiches, why not do it with some style? I spotted this sandwich delivery baja bug on Saturday outside a local Jimmy John's sandwich shop (full disclosure: I'm more of a Jersey Mike's fan - there's one right across the street, you can see it on the far left of the 2nd pic).

Typically, us car enthusiasts here on Oppo and Jalopnik would rather scrub Ron Jeremy's hairy, sweaty taint than go beige. But in the case of this groovy little neutral-colored baja bug, I think we'd all make an exemption.

That's a nice Hurst shifter to contrast the mostly original-looking classic interior.


I'm not familiar with baja bugs, but my guess would be that a Countach era Lambo V12 in there, right?

I don't get the vanity plate, but perhaps someone else will get the reference?


How could you ever be mad at this face?

Like I said above, I admire VW Beetles in general and wouldn't mind owning one at some point, but I'm not familiar enough to know what year/generation this particular example is. Any Beetle fans care to chime in below?



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Living in Los Angeles isn't without its downsides, but if you're a car person this is the place to be! You will pretty much see something interesting everyday - from the exotic and opulent (I once spotted a Bugatti Veyron duck into an alley, but I lost it when I turned the corner to follow it) to the odd and quirky (I spotted the one-off George Barris 'designed' Prius driving in Burbank).


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