Well, allergies are getting the best of me, so I'm staying home from work. No better time than to start something I've wanted to do for a while: Cars of the Valley (or Oakhurst).

I live in Oakhurst, CA, the southern gate of beautiful Yosemite. As a car fan in a mountain/tourist-y town, the opportunity to see beautiful exotics and rare cars is, well, rare. Red neck trucks, Subaru Foresters, and Sprinter vans converted to sleeper vans are the usual lot, but, on rare occasion, the stars align producing some beauties in the area.

This weekend, in the valley, I spotted a couple gems and rarities, namely the beautiful and perfect E63 Estate.


And a beautiful M5. I love the E39 M5, but these are a close second.

Other notables for this weekend: A Unimog and a 2014-5 M4 convertible.

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