Cars People Love to Hate

For some reason I often find myself really excited about a car only to find that a lot of people seem to hate it.

Take the latest example: the Ford Fiesta. Not the performance ST, or even the somewhat odd 3-cyl 1.0 EcoBoost, but the simple 1.6 4cyl Fiesta. I spent the past 6 months searching for a 11-13 Fiesta hatch with a manual for as cheap as possible. I took a gamble and bid on a salvage one at Copart that was 4hrs away and I’m absolutely pumped about winning it. Yet the most common thing I hear about them are, “I bought a base Fiesta... yes I make terrible life decisions.”


Reading through the forums for this car and I see the same comments I saw for my base model BMW 328: “If you want more power, just get an ST (or 335 for the BMW)“ “Saving weight isn’t worth it in this car. If you want performance buy something else”

It doesn’t really bother me, and I’ll keep doing my own thing. Just an observation. What say you Oppo? Any cars you like that others love to hate?

(Coming from a former G35 coupe owner)

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