Cars & Rain Southlake

For the last few shows we haven’t had acceptable weather at all. Rain rain rain. Texas is usually a little more dry. It honestly feels like I am living in my previous home country of the Netherlands. Nice temperatures during the day, lots of rain when you don’t want rain and at night the temperatures go down. Great for my electricity / gas bill as the AC / heater isn’t running much at all but it is crap for everything else.

I still went as the rain showed signs of improving, and there were still a few cars there. The one that caught my eye was the Amphicar though. Always loved those, never saw one in person. I am happy I did, it brought back great memories from my childhood.

Oh, if you are inclined to watch the video I have the timestamps in the description below so you can go past the vlog section and go straight to the cars. The Amphicar is in the music portion and in the classic section driving by (you can see the props as it drives past, very cool).


Has anyone else ever seen an Amphicar? I’d love to drive one off the boat ramp. That would be surreal...

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