Let’s see what order Kinja puts them in. Aha! First! My car and a deuce and a half! Of course I’m going to park next to it. Used by a tree company that had it parked there all day. My guess is for advertising purposes.

Next! because I can’t get my cursor down below the photo* is something that I don’t know what it is. The one driving away from me is some old British thing is my guess. Looked great and was RHD. 4 doors. Maybe an MG? My phone decided to focus on the dash board from the looks of it. At least it was clean this time.

Last! AMG GT Roadster (Yeah?). definitely AMG, it was the other week and never saw the owner after I got back to my car. Thought about hanging around just to hear it start up.


Not pictured that I wish was: Gulf livery Ford GT (1st gen, not GT40). RX-7 savanna? it had the wide air inlet at the front. Not too good with those


*helpful mod help with photo placement