On Sunday I returned from vacation in South Carolina with my family. While down there I made sure to snap a few pictures of interesting cars I saw. Nothing too exciting, but I thought I'd share anyways!

Derelict B6 S4 wagon. Super cool, really dirty and obviously neglected. What a shame.

Pristine (besides minor crumple on front fender and dirty wheels) Porsche 928. This thing was beautiful.


Carolina squattin' Ford Ranger. Never seen the squat in person before so I had to get this picture.

Good ol' Bel Air. Too many doors, but cool nonetheless.


Some old ass truck I spotted at a farm. Not sure what it was but maybe somebody can identify it for me.

Textbook Caddy donk. I really like this picture for some reason.


Land Rover Defender. Pristine condition. Couldn't get more pictures of it because I was walking around downtown Charleston with my six year old cousin and he was getting antsy. Damn kids.

GT-R speeding through downtown. Nothing too crazy, but I had to get a picture!


E32(?) 7 Series. Beat to hell. Awful wheels. I wanted to rescue it.

Reeeaaaally beat up 911 Turbo. Whale tail included. Roof was torn in multiple spots, paint was shit, but the wheels looked nice. I tried to get more pictures but the parking lot attendant kicked me out!


Classic E30. Very clean, autotragic transmission.


A matching pair of extremely beat up Mazda pickups I spotted on the island where we were staying. Again, I wanted more/better pictures from a different angle, but the owner was mean muggin.

And last, but not least, an S600 AMG. Dang was this thing beautiful.