Cars that I didn't know existed: The other side of Black and Gold

So recently, I was online surfing the many foxbodies that often populate the world of Ebay. My dad sees me looking and asks, "Have you ever looked into the Mercury Capri?"

So obviously, this starts a whole new browsing session. IMO, it looks like a foxbody, but with a more IMSA-like front bumper and the window of a Jensen Interceptor. So as I'm scrolling through the various pages on the internets, my dad starts showing me pictures of one that he owned way back when, a pretty special one, known as the "Black Magic Edition."


I fell in love. Fat tires, a badass "zero fucks given" front fascia, bizzare wheels, and that beautiful black and gold combo. And to this day, I search for one. I've never even seen one cross the Ebays, and have no idea it will cost once one does (probably a lot).

And today, when I was telling a friend about one, he didn't even know what a Mercury Capri was (and he actually is a car guy). So here's to what seems to be a forgotten-but-interesting classic.

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