The Toyota Corolla.

Now, you are probably thinking I’m going to come up with the “soulless appliance” talk, but no, I hate the Corolla for a very different reason.

See, the Corolla became some sort of status symbol among the middle-class when Brazil left the right-wing Military Dictatorship. During that time imports were halted and only the national companies kept building cars, so when importation was allowed again, every middle-aged guy went and got a Corolla since it was better than the crap the automakers had been building for the past 30 years.

Crap like this, built until 1987.


And they just kept buying them, the middle-class got older and their sons got older and they just kept buying Corollas. Hell, even now the Corolla over performs the Civic in sales by a margin of 3 to 1.

The Corolla became the official old people’s car, much like Buick in the US. It was a comfortable, reliable and rational thing.


And as I said earlier, it became some sort of status symbol among the middle-class, especially the poorer middle-class from the countryside (or the “interior” as we call it). Hell, we even got a version with tacky wooden interior.


So why do I hate it?

I hate it because every single old person ignoring stop signs, driving on bald tires, making dangerous manoeuvres because they can’t see/ are stubborn is driving a Corolla of some vintage.


Every single person doing 10 under on the left lane is driving a Corolla.

Every single asshole with plates from the middle of nowhere driving slow in the middle of a two lane street/road and making me miss the lights is driving a Corolla.


I fucking hate it. And everything it stands for.