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Cars that lack direct competition?

Wobbles the Mind posted a question this morning about what Subaru is going to do, now that the Evo is gone, pointing out that all of its competition comes in hatchback form (FoST/FoRS, Golf R) or as a “luxury” car (CLA AMG, S3). As a sedan, at its price point, the STi pretty much stands alone in its space.

This sparked another conversation about cars that lack direct competition, and whether that’s a good or bad thing. A few of the cars that I think lack direct competition, even if there are other cars that can be cross shopped against them:


Good, old, body on frame glory, right here. The 4Runner has better manners than a Wrangler, but still has the off-road chops that you won’t find in today’s Explorers or Pathfinders, and the xTerra died a quiet death last year.

Somehow, the Boxster S manages to stand alone in a segment that’s pretty crowded. What do you shop this against if you want a genuine droptop sports car? The TTRS has never been good enough, although we’ll see how the new gen really does. The Z4M is the same story. The M4 convertible is great, but probably too big or too heavy, if you want a Boxster. The Miata isn’t in the same league. Mustangs and Camaros aren’t true sports cars, even if they might hang with it on a track. The F-Type is close, but there is still a big asterisk next to it, since it’s not mid-engined. Honestly, the closest competition might be a 911 Cabrio, which doesn’t really count, for obvious reasons.

What am I missing, Oppo?

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