So recently I posted a little thing about a minor bad experience I had with an older diesel truck which led me to muse about which vehicles were more deserving of being recalled and crushed. And it turned into a hilarious dumpster fire in the grey section.

Apparently I’m gay. But I’m also a girl. So I suppose I’m a lesbian.

This is news to me especially since, as some of you know, I identify as Sentient Food with lots of meaty goodness!


But what does gender and being gay mean to someone who is sentient food?

Well I did a search for “Gay Food”... and I found THIS:

I have to say that none of these resemble my Meaty Goodness.

If I’m gay, does that mean I’m attracted to other meat sandwiches?

I do enjoy a big juicy burger from time to time... and steak, pork chops and lamb chops...Mmmm.


But I also like vegetarian food from time to time as well.

Just last night I ate a Big Salad!!!

And then there are things I’ve had such as nature/tofu burgers... stuff that looks like meat, but isn’t.


These are the ‘Transexuals’ of the sentient food world

So I think that if anything, I must be bisexual since I go for both veggie and meat sandwiches... and anything in between.

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