I was contemplating a current gen Corolla earlier today and a began wondering, which family/economy  cars at least 30 yrs old (either continuous running nameplate or an homage with the same name), have remained the most true to their original form. For instance the Dodge Dart would be an example of a car which has strayed very far from its origins, Originally a V8, rear wheel drive, sedan slightly downsized from a full size. Now the car is a 4 cylinder, gas saving, compact car, with front wheel drive.

The Toyota Corolla has an interesting history as the the purpose seems to have morphed slightly throughout the years. The Corolla was a cheap, reliable, lightweight sub compact car, which was good on gas. Now the car is in the compact segment, and is Front wheel drive, but still cheap and reliable. Still does the same job (haul around 4 people) but goes about it differently. The AE86 Corolla makes an interesting side note as the GT86 is now a thing. A thing which is most definitely not a Corolla. I have stated family/economy as in the world of sports cars(I’m looking at you, Porsche 911) there are many cars which have maintained their heritage. Anyways let me know what you guys think.

P.S. No pics because Kinja hates me.