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Cars under 25k?

Good morning Oppo. I recently bought an MK7 GTI for my wife, and since really that was the car I was considering to add to my collection later this year, I find my self in a conundrum and I'm asking for your help! I have two options available.

1. Keep my SLK32 and add something new, which limits me to around 25k for right now, but allows me to look at other types of cars.


2. Trade or sell the SLK32 which should give me around 10k and raise my budget a bit higher, but limits what I can get, since I still want something fast.

Tavarish might say, E46 M3, which honestly, I have mixed feelings about because most of them are as old or older than my current car, have less power and weigh more, even though they probably definitely handle better. I've also considered adding the E55 and keeping the SLK, or trading the SLK and getting an SL55.


Thoughts? Looking forward to your wise input!

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