Here are a few cars with interesting side mirrors, as the title states.

First up, we have the Mazda MPV with its upside down mirrors.

Interesting styling detail in an otherwise bland vehicle

Here we have the Dodge Carvan/Chrysler Town and Country with mirrors that DON’T move with the door. It fascinates me.

Ooooh, cool!

Various Mercedes (and some Audis I think) came with mirrors that are smaller and taller on the passenger side than the driver’s side.

Why? Because Germany.

The Caparo T1 had its mirrors integrated into the fenders in a clever and unique way.

Eeeeeeeehhhh ehhhhhhhh vrroooooom EEEERRRRRRRRRRR.

and finally the incredibly clever Ram mirrors that turn into towing mirrors!

DaVinci himself wasn’t this clever.

So guys, any other unique/cool side mirrors we should know about?

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