Carvana: an Oppo review

So.... Two weeks ago, I had my first car accident in 22 years. Yeah, don’t feel super great about that. Driving the i3 for the last 19 months has been fantastic. But, guess what, when you get into a minor accident (no one was hurt, just my car, and my self-esteem) in an originally-expensive, heavily-depriciated, low-volume, weirdo car, the repair bill very, very quickly runs up past what insurance is gonna pay to fix. So, fuck.

I ended up going with Carvana for a couple reasons: quick delivery, and painless process with application, financing, and everything else. I have to say, the experience as a customer was top-notch. Everything was super friendly, the associates were great to talk to (and a couple of them were very much car guys), and four days later, a 2015 i3 was delivered to my front door. Had to return the rental (Infiniti Q50— I should do a rental writeup


Now here’s where it went south. They had noted a scratch on the bumper below the tailgate, and a rock chip on the frunk, but did not disclose a couple of giant scratches on the driver’s front quarter panel tht looked like they’d tried to cover it up with white-out. Then onto the interior— they’d Armoralled the absolute shit out of it, everything was greasy, seats were stained, and it smelled so bad I could barely get it around the block on my test drive. So I parked it overnight, and the following afternoon drove to a small local dealership that had a few i3s in stock, and drove home in a 2015 with the fancy HK stereo and, thankfully, dark floor carpets (the white carpets in my 2014 were a bitch to keep clean), and a 5-year, 60K-mile service contract.

Called up Carvana, told them to come get their car at the dealership, signed a piece of paper, and it was all done. In the end, all it cost me was a credit check. According to the owner of the dealership, I was the 7th or 8th person who’d done the same thing; he was very interested in how the process went with Carvana, and I was up-front with him about it. Great customer service, painless and quick process, but a disappointing car. Maybe if you’re looking at a “special” car like a Z06 or something, it might turn out better. But for mine, I was so much happier with the dealership experience, the people, the service, and the car.


Plus, I don’t have to do the tint on this one.

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