Cascadia (PNW) Meetup - Draft Outline

I know it’s early, but I thought I’d post a draft meetup outline and change/edit/repost over time.

I’m thinking of making this a sorta day thing, but I don’t really know the area too well outside of Whatcom County and surrounding area so maybe WA Oppos can fill in the gaps. I’m really not so great at organizing but I know Dr. Zoidberg is!

I am thinking of holding this in May/June? Maybe we can entice some Vancouver Oppos south or some OR/CA Oppo’s North with a bigger day trip/meet through some picturesque PNW highlights.


I’d like to start the day early to ensure less traffic on the Chuckanut, perhaps starting in Fairhaven? Picturesque brick town with a decent coffee place (Colophon Cafe), then hit Chuckanut.

Chuckanut Drive

From Chuckanut, we’d go through Edison and down the coast to LaConner.

La Conner

From there, my knowledge ends. I would entrust an American Oppo with more planning. I’m open to a full day of driving/hanging out.


Discuss below!

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