Limpy’s OG Cash Days was held last weekend in the Dallas Fort Worth area. It was a 32-car field comprised of racers from OKC, Miss., NOLA, Arkansas, Memphis, and probably somewhere else I’m missing. Entrants included Big Chief (The Crow), Shawn (Murder Nova), Daddy Dave (Goliath 2.0), Kye Kelley (The Shocker), David Bird Jones, The Godfather, Shane (The Blackbird Vega), Jerry Bird (The Probe), The Mistress, Kamikaze Chris (The Elco), Ryan (Fireball Camaro), Precious Cooper (Ol’ Heavy), Doc (Street Beast), Monza (Sinister Split Bumper), JJ DaBoss (in his blue Nova), and others. It ended up being a 31-car field worth $15.5k. Winner take all.

The event lasted two nights, with racing going until just before dawn on both nights. The streets were pretty bad, so a lot of cars did basically an 1/8 mile burnout. The finals took place very early Sunday morning with The Probe lining up against Shane in the Vega. As the two cars staged for the finale, motors banging on the line, police slowly gathered on the other side of the finish line. The Probe drove straight to the waiting police. Shane took a quick right turn and hauled ass back to his trailer.

Jerry Bird was arrested and taken to Jail. The Probe was loaded on a flatbed and taken to impound. The car has been released, and Jerry is out on bail. They plan on racing this weekend at the Dirty South No Prep event.

Here is the video of the last race: