This surely is coming at some point, right? Once autonomobiles are commonplace and accepted by the majority of the U.S. market, our government and insurance companies, buoyed by safety stats, will start to put pressure on removing as much human interaction from the control of a car as possible, and the best way for them to do this is to get older, non-autonomous vehicles out of our hands and off the roads.

They’ll be legislating autonomy before we know it: ABS was first, and now stability control; auto-braking systems will be next, and then down the line.

Keep those old cars running, Jalops & Opponauts! It will be harder for the government to take away the right to use something you’ve already bought and paid for. I welcome autonomous cars for the majority of drivers (who really don’t care to drive) and anyone who’d like to benefit from the technology, but it does concern me that some rights will be lost as this technology becomes more robust and pervasive.

In the meantime, enjoy some “analogue” supercars.

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