Me: Hey (name redacted), my man. How are you?

Him: good good. Yourself?

Me: I’m doing good, thanks for asking. I wanted to call you to talk about that Audi A8.

Him: oh yeah yeah..yeah yeah. I never checked out that other one, you talked me outta that. Lemme ask you, how can I buy this and leave no paper trail?

Me: Well uh...we discussed the price at $34,500, you’re looking to be at 37k and change all in.

Him: yeah yeah yeah. How can I leave no trail?

Me: Well cash...

Him: Okay. Give me a call Friday. If I’m still feeling it, I’ll come down and buy it. I’m sure there isn’t a lot of paperwork to do if I do cash


Me: Yeah there isn’t excluding insurance and such.

Him: *laughs* yeah man. Ill catch you friday.