Castle Oppostein

So I was hiking around Hanstein Castle yesterday. Yes, many old, much romantic, lots of wow. But why should you care? Because something caught my eye I wasn’t expecting to find there at all.

If you’ve seen one castle you have basically seen them all. In varying states of historical accuracy you see old furniture, some torture instruments in a dark cellar for a bit of gruesome sensationalism, a nice view from the tallest tower, the great hall, tin suits, portraits of family members and a shitload of antlers. What’s not to like?


So this is Hanstein’s take on said formula.

Picture by Oezkoeylue found on Panoramio.


Ah, interesting, nice, let’s move on to the torture instruments already.

Yes, but again, why do I spam Oppo with this?

Look closer.


Among all those stiff and lifeless medieval paintings of barons and ladies of the old Hanstein family two are sticking out.


This is Fritz Huschke von Hanstein. He raced BMWs and Porsches, and was managing the Porsche racing department back in the 60’s while also being a brand ambassador. Thus the “Racing Baron” was directly involved in shaping what we all love about Porsche today.


How is that for enriching a family tree?

“This knight slew heathens in Jerusalem, she was married to some honcho in Spain in 1567, this fornicator died of syphilis aged 14 and finally this is the racer who won the Targa Florio in 1956.”


Top picture: Wikipedia.

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