We have a little break in the weather, and the dealer gave Meow a bath while they were ordering some interior trim parts to replace under warranty.

The X351 XJ has an eccentric combination of indulgent styling and old-world opulence that sets it apart from your usual Bimmer 7er und Benz S-Klasse. All of the shapes and details are exquisite—there is not a single piece of the interior that is just “there.”

The sun gave a great opportunity to finally take some decent interior pics.

Sun’s out, buns out!
My favourite aspects of the XJ interior are the splatter of finely crafted chrome accents everywhere, and the nearly obscene amount of wood trim. “Trim” is an understatement, it should be called wood panelling.
The abundantly roomy rear seat is the beneficiary of the 5-inch stretch of the L model. I love how the wide wood panel stretches all the way back fron the front seat, accented by a large speaker grille.

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