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Cat replacement complete!

Miata is one step closer to becoming California legal! It only took like 6 hours to do but at least it’s finally done. And since it’s the same exact midpipe, just cali legal instead of federal, I get the same performance and do not need to swap it to pass smog. I had considered buying a stock exhaust and swapping every two years to save money. But man it ain’t easy doing that without air tools and a lift!


While it took way longer the first time I swapped exhaust a couple years ago, it was still not an insignificant amount of time spent basically weight lifting all day. My 3 foot breaker bar came in handy as well as my cordless impact once I broke things loose. The worst part though was dealing with my damn driver seat. In order to plug in the new O2 sensor, driver seat has to come out and I forgot how much of a pain that is to deal with. I lost my ratcheting, flex head 14mm wrench in my cross country move so it was a major pain to use a flat box/crescent wrench instead. That is on the short list of tools to suck it up and buy again.

I spent way too long and got way too dirty today, but that is a good Saturday as far as I’m concerned. After cleaning up and taking a test drive, I was super concerned about the terrible burning smell coming from the car. But some quick googling taught me that new cats smell like shit for a while. So I just need to do some more test driving to get the crap out of the system. Drove pretty good, perhaps better than before, but I also haven’t driven the Miata in a couple of weeks. And I always am surprised at how it feels quick/lively when I step away and drive other stuff.

What's left for my cali legal endeavor is a stock header, replacing part of my wiring harness to make my cam position sensor work right, and fixing the speed sensor. Then I will be fully legal and have no check engine lights! Hopefully I can accomplish all of this soon so that I can just move on with my life. 

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