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Cataclysmic car-style shift hypothesis

I’ve come to the conclusion that we will see in this decade a shift in which car manufacturers will begin selling not only more SUVs, but their SUVs will be better for enthusiasts  more interesting than their regular-height-cars (RHC).

As an example, Ford currently sells two RHC; the Fusion and the Mustang. But they’ll sell the Bronco and the Mach-E; which are both more interesting than the Mustang.

Audi’s RS Q3 is more interesting than the RS3, but the SQ8 is much stupider than the S8; so Audi still has better RHC’s than SUVs

However, and some will hate me for this. BMW makes more interesting SUV’s than RHC (and even prettier, or maybe less ugly), just check the X3 M and the X5 M


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