Catch me if you can

I recently installed a catch can after I spent a weekend cleaning my oily upper intake. I’ve only had it on about a month and have probably driven the truck no more than 100 miles in that time. I pulled the can tonight to see what I had collected.


The answer is... not oil. I think this is water or possibly coolant. It smells almost like fuel, and anodized finish is coming off the can. It could be a mixture of oil, coolant, and water. It has been insanely cold in Chicago over the past month. I’m hoping it’s condensation and not coolant. It doesn’t have a greenish tint, if anything it looks like beer.

In other news, I figured out the shop swapped the positive and negative on the coil. Great work there boys. I switched them back and hooked up the MSD and now it’s running great except for a little bit of a funky idle.

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