Hello, I have been away a week or so. Did I miss anything besides cars and shit posts? I went to Chicago for work, stayed in a really nice but spooky hotel. I did a ton of work, ate some really good ice cream, got super sick (pretty sure I have a stomach ulcer) as my stomach has hurt for a few months and the doctor said I might. Then I flew home, packed up the Forester and drove up to my family’s cabin in northern PA.

Here’s the spooky spirit I shared my room with

Chicago: The Oppositelock Super Quick Review

It’s clean! It may be because I frequent Philadelphia and New York, but I was impressed by how clean it is there. It also does not smell, which makes it the second US city that I have visited that does not smell like a “city” (a mixture of burning fuel, actual shit, and whatever food that city is famous for) Austin is the other.

Bridge picture via potato

Cabs...They exist as a reasonable form of transportation. I found out that it’s pretty much impossible to get an Uber from O’Hare, but really easy to get a Taxi. Even going back to the airport. I had planned to take the train, but the station I got to was closed and I saw a cab before I made it to the next station. Both cabs were clean, drivers were nice, and it was about $60 from the downtown loop to the airport.

Verdict: I’d like to go back when I don’t have to work and am feeling better.


The three of us, my parents, my best friend, his wife, their two kids, and my other friend and 4 dogs. 70 acres + pond backed up to a mountain range. I took my little girl fishing, she gave the bass we caught a nice pet before we threw him back.


Other than that we relaxed on the deck and shot all the guns. Only targets and clay birds, we’re animal lovers. I like shooting clay birds the best because I’m nasty at it and the ammunition is cheap. Also, turning a clay bird into dust is the best. None of the kids were scared by the noise which surprised me, even most of the dogs are not fazed by it. Everyone except my boy Miles...Our boxer is very sensitive, and he is so terrified of loud noises. So we have special ear protection for him and he gets a snuggle buddy while we’re shooting.


Radnor Hunt Concours d’Elegance

I’ll be there with the 02 this weekend. Cars and Coffee on Saturday morning, then the BMWCCA family picnic in the afternoon. I’m hoping to that my wife and daughter will show up with the M3 at some point. Any PA oppos going?


Today is my Monday and my Thursday, whoop whoop! Happy Weekday!

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