Just a quick update from the past few days. My vet has been monitoring her and she seems to be improving. She’s continuing to move her tail and be as active as she can be. Apparently overnight she did finally use to litter box (both pee and poop) which is an EXCELLENT sign. Unfortunately, by the end of the day, her bladder had filled back up and she had to have it manually emptied.

My vet’s office is operating from 8 am to 12 pm tomorrow and closed on Christmas day. I won’t hear back from them until the 26th most likely. I’m going to try and stop in tomorrow morning and visit with her and grab some pictures for everyone.

Again, I’ve set up a donation option for those who would like to help fund the kitten’s recovery. I’m currently in excess of $500 down. Please don’t feel obligated to give anything. While I can certainly afford to care for her, I do appreciate any donations that can be given. Just follow this link through to PayPal. https://goo.gl/IqG6zD HUGE thank you to all that have already contributed! You’ve all offset a great deal of the costs of care!